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Meriel Thurstan

I must admit I took extra art lessons at school mainly as a way of avoiding having to play hockey, lacrosse and netball. I started botanical illustration when I was working in Cornwall, where I was a founder, now a Fellow, of the Eden Project Florilegium Society. 

Rosie Martin and I organized and tutored the extremely successful annual Eden diploma course in botanical illustration, which developed into weekly classes, demonstrations, workshops and a distance learning course.

In 2006 I set up the South West Society of Botanical Artists (SWSBA) and was chairman from 2006-2011. I was re-elected as chairman in 2018.

I was an elected member of the Society of Floral Painters (now defunct). My awards include a Bronze medal from the Royal Horticultural Society for paintings of different-coloured potatoes, and an RHS Silver Linley medal  for paintings of Fungi of the Eden Project.

I am co-author, with Rosie Martin, of seven books on botanical and natural history illustration. My work is included in 'A Coming of Age', a celebration of the work of the Eden Project Florilegium Society over the last 18 years, edited by Ros Franklin and published in 2018. I exhibit with SWSBA and also at other venues in the West Country.

My paintings hang in England, France and Australia.

Meriel Thurstan

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Gallery Books

Meriel Thurstan

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Natural History Illustration by Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan

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Botanical Illustration Course by Rosie Martin and Meriel Thurstan

Voted Practical Art Book of the Year, this course is based on the botanical illustration course taught at the Eden Project.

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Botanical Illustration for Beginners

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Painting Nature's Details by Meriel Thurstan and Rosie Martin

The art of painting nature - from seashells, fish and bones to fleeting birds and butterflies.